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The San Jose facility belongs to the Van Lang Vietnamese Language Instruction System, which has been formed and directly operated by volunteers of the Federation of Young Vietnamese Volunteers Organization. The Center is established with the following objectives:
  • To educate the public on the variety of community issues and services.

  • To educate young children about cultural preservation.

  • To provide assistance for youth residing in San Jose and Santa Clara County.

  • To sponsor special events involving the public of any or all of the above objectives.

The San Jose Center is dedicated to promote and preserve Vietnamese culture. It enrolls approximately 1000 students, aged from 6 to 20, classified into 12 different skill levels, and grouped into 35 classes. The Center is directly ran and taught by about 100 selfless volunteer teachers. Annually the Center organizes the Children Talent Show, Van Lang Community Day and Volunteers Appreciation Day with the goal of creating a tight bond and friendship in the community in order to instill a sense of fraternal relationship.

In order to preserve Vietnamese culture and to raise a young generation being aware of the "Lac Hong" heritage, the Center has taken the adage, "First Learn the Proper Conduct, Secondly Literature", to be the pedagogical truism. This truism in practice is manifested in the parallel teaching of behavioral lesions plus Vietnamese history together with Vietnamese language. Additionally, the students will study cultural mores, the appreciated aspects, and the beauties of Vietnam.

Meshed into classroom hours are activities moments, outdoor picnics and community events. These extra-curricular activities are opportunities for students to learn to live compatibly with friends, nature as well as with people of the same Vietnamese heritage.

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