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The Future Generation
• Children Talents Pageant
A special selection program catering to youth from 6 to 12 years of age is held during the San Jose Tet Festival. This laborious superlative event brings us back to the Vietnamese cultural and historical stream of consciousness through the answers of the children.

• Activities & Van Lang Day
In order to instill in the students the value of a clean environment and that of camaraderie, the Center organizes an annual picnic for the whole student body and conducts games extracting the quality of resourcefulness as well as that of esprit de corp.

Enmeshed in the class lectures are time for stress- releasing singing and recreational activities, conducted by staff specialized in such matter, in order to enhance the students' absorption of lecture material.

• Arts Performance
Skits, dancing, singing are talent-showing performances by the students presented to the general audience and the parents at commencement ceremony. This is also the occasion by which the students are familiarized with the feel of Vietnamese folklore as they wear traditional Vietnamese apparels.

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