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Cultural Preservation

• Vietnam's History & Geography
History and geography of the nation of Vietnam is an essential courseaimed to instill in the students the territorial origin and the heritage of the Vietnamese people. The exemplary valor of the Vietnamese forebears will foment in the students the striving mindset.

• Summer Camps:
In order to help form a friendship bond among the teaching staff personnel and to create a sense of mutual understanding within the family-like Van Lang atmosphere, an exciting summer camp is organized annually on a two-day weekend for upwards of 80 teachers . On arts performance night, the teachers put up contests such as culinary competition, games, uproarious skits and awesome fire dances.

• Van Lang Publication
Van Lang Special Issue contains teachers' articles as well as well-written class essays written by students bespeaking the sense of love and gratitude for their parents' and teachers' effort in nurturing and educating them.

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