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Students & Community
Co Bay • Parades
To contribute to the sense of community building, the students have participated in parades organized by the County and the City of Santa Clara. As they don the "ao dai" and the "ao ba ba" and the "khan ran ri quan co" [Vietnamese traditional styles of folkwear], the general population has the opportunity to peruse an example of multiculturalism.

• Community Activities
Through the activities with the local communities such as arts performing, flag saluting, and others , the students become familiarized and develop a bond with people of other heritages, so as to weaken any uneasiness that they may have toward each other in the community.

• Exhibition
An exhibition show at the Annual Tet Festival is a contribution of the Center to the Coalition of Nationalist Vietnamese Organizations. It is also the occasion to showcase the students' educational gains and the Center's accomplishment to the Vietnamese- American community in the region.

• The Social Activities Committee , which in no way plays an insignificant function, is responsible for shoring up the spirit of the teaching staff and their immediate families. This role is necessary to solidify the goal of brotherhood and sisterhood among the members of the Van Lang Family .

• Additionally, a library comprising pedagogical texts and reference works is maintained by the Teaching Resources Committee, which is responsible for producing educational materials and examinations for the teaching staff of the Center.

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